Monday, November 23, 2009

Details, Details...

Let's be honest--normally, it's tough to work hard during a holiday week. Everyone is excited to be going home, seeing family, and relaxing for a few days.

Well... not here!

Short weeks for us mean less time to complete important tasks. And with just 305 days left until the Games, that means we have to move even faster.

This morning, we visited the Kentucky Horse Park to celebrate their green initiatives, which includes a very interesting way to create power from horse manure. Check it out on the Kentucky Horse Park's web site.

This afternoon, our entire staff is once again tackling the DMAS, or "Detailed Master Activities Schedule" for the duration of the Games. With our test events over for the year, we are turning again to this important task. We literally walk through each hour of each day and discuss how the movements of people, horses and events on the park impact every department of our organizing committee. We'll be undergoing this process until early 2010, then we'll take a break from this activity to start planning our last and biggest test event--Kentucky Cup Dressage and Jumping--in conjuction with the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event.

We are also very busy recruiting Heroes--that is, volunteers! We still need volunteers, and right now, our focus is particularly on volunteers within the state of Kentucky. Hopefully you will see me on Kentucky's local tv stations and hear me on the radio talking about how to lend your expertise to the Games with a dose of hometown pride and Bluegrass hospitality! More information about volunteering can be found on our web site.

With all this going on, I have NO IDEA when I will manage to get any Christmas shopping finished. I'm usually a better planner around the holidays... but not this year. Shameless plug here: Tickets to the 2010 Games are a gift you can only give once--and you can only give it this year! Reserve your seats before they sell out at

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

Amy Walker
Public Relations

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