Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Olympic Gold Medalist Beezie Madden Blogs About USEF Show Jumping Team Selection Trials for the 2010 Games--Part IV

WELLINGTON, FL--March 6, 2010--Yesterday we were back at our familiar venue of the International Ring. I had good results with both of my horses. Mademoiselle was clear with a time fault, and I couldn’t have been happier with her. The time fault is just something that I need to get quicker on the ends of the ring with her. Danny Boy had four faults. He seems to have plenty of energy still, which might have caused the four faults. I’m hoping, however, that that will give him the stamina to come through on Sunday. This trial was part of the CSIO division at this show, however only one other CSIO competitor chose to compete. This is probably due to two factors: one is that riders are only allowed two horses in the CSIO division. There was a big class on Thursday and the Nations Cup last night, making it difficult for everyone to schedule their horses to compete Friday afternoon. The second factor was that everyone knew it was a selection trial and the course would be very difficult in relation to the $30,000 prize money. The standard of the course was similar to what we will see on Sunday for the $150,000 Grand Prix. In the end, Danny Boy finished ninth out of those eligible for prize money. Again, Mademoiselle was not eligible because she was the second horse that I rode in the class. You might be confused that some riders such as our student Cara Raether did not place with her horse Ublesco, but this is because she was not qualified for the CSIO division. It’s a complicated system but it’s all working out in the end. Sunday (3/7)there will be fifty riders who qualify during the week or were prequalified before the week started, plus the additional horses that are in for the WEG Trials. I’m expecting a very difficult course again. Right now, I’m tied for fifth with Mademoiselle in the standings and seventh with Danny. I’m looking forward to the final day and anxiously awaiting the final results of the trials.

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