Friday, April 23, 2010

Show Jumper Lauren Hough (USA)

Currently on the U.S. Show Jumping Long List for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, Laruen's publicist, Jen Markee, gives us an update on Lauren and her horses from the World Cup Finals and the Kentucky Cup Jumping test event for the 2010 Games. (Photo Credit: J.L. Parker)

All three horses traveling to the World Cup landed safely in Amsterdam. After a few days layover and schooling they headed to Geneva. Lauren is fortunate to have three horses entered in the World Cup's horse show:
Quick Study
Prezioso S
Available Versace

Lauren celebrated her 33rd birthday on Sunday, April 11.

Lauren arrived in Geneva Monday, April 12 and began preparations for the World Cup competition (April 14-18).

After the World Cup Lauren will head back to the US to compete in the WEG Test Event April 23-25.

Lauren produced consistent performances at the World Cup.

Quick Study owned by Laura Mateo
Final Rank 16th
Round I Clear
Round II 8 faults
Round III (two rounds) clear and 4 faults

Prezioso S owned by Joan Simms and Highlife Farms 1st Pres de Communes Genevoises 7th Prix L'Hebdo

Available Versace owned by Chloe Reed and Available 3rd Prix de l'Arve 5th Prix "En Chatillon" (Natural Obstacles)

Quick Study was a little under the weather during the week but was feeling better by Sunday morning.

The week was filled with extraneous distractions. The FEI's ruling eliminating Sapphire and the volcanic ash disrupting travel all created concerns other than the competition.

Lauren was fortunate to get on a flight to the USA on Tuesday as many riders and spectators maybe waiting as much as a week to get out of Geneva. Many considered other forms of transportation.

After the WEG Jumping Test Event this weekend, Lauren and the horses will travel to EU through New York.

Lauren will spend the balance of the year in Europe competing on the Global Champions Tour and representing the USA on Tour #2. This tour will create the short list for the WEG in the fall.

Lauren's EU Show schedule:

Norten Hardenberg
Monte Carlo


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