Friday, May 7, 2010

Canadian Reiner and 2010 Games Hopeful, Lisa Coulter

I have been a little worried about connecting with my new horse, Weg, but after the CRI at the NRBC in mid April in Texas I am feeling a lot more confident! I decided I needed to run him hard and we had a great run. I was a little tentative as the goal wasn't to win it but the goal was to go hard under pressure and against top horses and see how we fared. We ended up with a good score of 219.5 and in 6th place. I was pleased with that but more pleased with the connection Weg and I are making. I feel we are getting to a trust level in the show pen that is critical to us being a successful team. I will be schooling him and Ace now in preparation for the final in mid July to select our WEG team. I have decided to only take the 2 horses and leave Angel at home. I just think that is the best strategy and management is part of what it takes to win. (Pictured: Lisa Coulter on her horse Weg. Photo Credit: Waltenberry)

I was posed with an interesting question recently. I am a guest on a radio talk show that is following athletes on their quest for WEG (Horse Radio Network). It is a lot of fun to do and the hosts, Samantha and Glenn, are wonderful. They asked a thoughtful question about why there were so few women in the sport of Reining at a professional level. I stammered over the answer. There are truly great professional women in Reining but the numbers are very low. However the Non Pro level is filled with super talented women. They do not make their living at it though. So I have given this a lot of thought but still have few answers. There are plenty of equine sports that are filled with women pros. I keep going back to the fact that Reining was derived from Cutting and that is a cowboys' cowboy game. There are many successful women in the Cutting but I see it also have more men in numbers than women. So it could be we are somewhat of a boys club that simply does not attract women. Lets not forget Reining is only about 40 years old so maybe as it grows more women will become professionals in it. I don't see one reason a woman cannot make a career in the Reining industry. There are many doing it and have done so for years. I am proud to be in the Reining industry and have never felt at a disadvantage being a woman. I always say that its actually better as I get to be the one in the pretty shirts!! Its an interesting question and I wonder if there is a definite answer?

Looking to June I will be going to a couple schooling shows but nothing competitive. All efforts are pointed to the preparation to make the team. I will be keeping Weg and Ace focused and ready to perform. I know all the equine disciplines are gearing up and preparing for WEG and Reiners everywhere are focusing and awaiting the challenge!

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