Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Reiner Lisa Coulter (CAN) On the Road to the 2010 Games

Once again Angels Mark came through for me! I just got back from the Derby in Oklahoma City where Angel and I competed in the CRI. We put together a great run and won the CRI. That was just the run I needed to send me off to compete at the team selection. I was looking to keep my confidence and competitive level up going into the WEG trials.

The team selection for Canada will be held at Heritage Park in Chilliwack BC. There will be a great group of horses and riders competing to make the team. The show and facility are top notch and will host a super qualifier for us. Sharon Hall is tireless in her devotion to hosting great Reining shows and supporting all levels of Reiners in Canada.

I have decided to take Ace and Weg. They are feeling great and as ready as they can be. It will be very interesting to see how they each compete and which one comes out on top. They both have the capabilities to make the team and it will come down to which horse is more on that particular day. They are also very different and it will be up to me to ride them each to their best ability individually.

Making the team will not be easy and I am eager to get the show on the road! My sights are set on Kentucky and making the team will be a big goal accomplished. I feel ready for WEG as well and am so thankful I went to the test event last year. I feel like that gives me an edge as I had the chance to get comfortable with the facility and show pen.

I will give it my very best at the team selection and hope the next blog will be filled with great news! I am thankful for the friends and family who have supported me on this venture as nobody has success without support!

I wish everyone good luck and success on their path to WEG!!


  1. Good Morning
    I’d like to know about press credential for journalists. When Fei Games will send the requests about this issue?

    Juliana Machado

  2. heyyyy mom i love you soo much and is vary proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to go to kentukey in 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!

    love <3 clancy coulter!

  3. This is a good competition actually I also like to ride horses but the talent this woman has is incredible, just looking the image while she's riding the horse encouraged me to keep up with this activity.