Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Endurance Rider Kathy Brunjes (USA) Blogs about the Endurance Selection Trials for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

Back from the Shine and Shine Only CEI */** outside San Jose, California (held May 15). Many west coast endurance riders came together to either finish qualifying themselves and/or their horses for the WEG or to bring young horses up through the FEI mileage/qualification system. My good friends (and fellow team-mates) Heather and Jeremy Reynolds provided a very nice horse for me to compete on; this was to be his first 120km. The trails were some of the most beautiful I have ever ridden, and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for this east coast rider! Unfortunately, my mount developed a small cramp in his hind-quarters at 60 miles, and we were withdrawn at that point. Heather and Jeremy went on to win and place second in the 120km on their horses. The course was well-marked, officials were helpful and ride management provided a spectacular venue (both scenery and hospitality). I’m ready to move!

The first of our WEG selection trials will be in Danville, IL. Central riders and horses, along with some East and West riders nominated on multiple horses, will be tested and examined over a course being laid out by our Chef d’Equipe and local volunteers. Immediately following the Central trial will be the East (Elton, MD at Fair Hill), then the West trial will conclude the initial selection process in Prineville, OR. Approximately 60 horse/rider combinations will be demonstrating during these trials. Added to the 45+ riders listed on the Endurance Rider Ranking List (ERRL) are the Wild Card invitations, extended to riders with their nominated horses who did not make the ERRL in the past 20 months, but have demonstrated a potential that has caught the eye of both the Selectors’ Committee and the Chef. Up to ten Wild Cards were allowed in the procedures, and eight invitations were extended to attend one of the three trials.

I recently took my nominated horse, Theatric, to a three-day competitive event, using this as cross-training before we went into our last week of sprint work prior to attending our East trial. The weather is warming up, humidity has entered the picture and we are keeping our fingers crossed that everyone stays sound and healthy for the next three weeks. Riders will have a chance to ask questions of our Chef at the upcoming informational call on June 7, and there will be one last chance to qualify nominated horses before the selection trials at the Ft. Howes CEI*** on June 13 (Ft. Howes, MT).

More to follow……..
Stay sound! Kathy


  1. Se nota que los Juegos están cercanos, las emociones de la competición se aceleran ante la proximidad del Gran evento.
    En mi Blog "EL RAID" ya teneis vuestros competidores españoles, bueno, casi todos, ya que falta una ultima selección, para completar a todos los participantes.
    Saludos a nuestros amigos Americanos y que la competición sea lo más noble y competitiva posible.
    Desde España y desde el Bolg "EL RAID" un saludo de Gabriel.

  2. Your story is inspiring. Especially to a young rider like me who wants to ge to the top and be a pro endurance rider. Good luck with everything! And also your horse Theatric is goreous!

  3. P.S- I wanted to know if there was any way that I could get advice on how to go pro. Suggestions? But only if ur not too busy riding lol.

  4. The FEI does not govern or provide rules for horse racing or polo, but in the latter case, it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Federation of International Polo. The FEI has organized the FEI World Equestrian Games quadrennially (every four years) since 1990.