Wednesday, October 28, 2009

20 Questions for Two Time World Champion Vaulter, Kai Vorberg

Pictured: Kai Vorberg at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games One-Year-To-Go Celebration on September 25, 2009 (photo credit: Matt Wooley and Equisport Photos)

NAME: Kai Vorberg
AGE: 28
COUNTRY: Germany

1. When did you start in your discipline?
I stated vaulting in 1992, but actually I wanted to become a dressage rider before. But then I watched some idols in 1992And that clinched it for me to focus on Vaulting first.

2. How did you get into riding?
My mother has been a professional riding and vaulting coach for many years.

3. Do you have any lucky riding attire?
We have to change our vaulting uniforms every year, because they are related to the theme and the music.But my Vaulting Pad, which is under the handles has always been the same old one for years!

4. Do you have any advice for younger riders aspiring within your discipline?
Spread your passion to find people who support you and stick with it, even if it might be hard sometimes!

5. Who is your equestrian idol?
Reinhard Klimke, Ludger Beerbaum, Christoph Lensing

6. If there was one other discipline you could compete in, what would it be?

7. What characteristic or quality do you value most in a horse?
Of course we need horses in Vaulting that we can trust! Apart from a good canter and the skill to focus when it matters most, the relation to our horses make us strong.

8. Where will you be in 5, 10 years?
If I would know that…I would tell you!

9. What are 3 things you are most likely to find in your refrigerator?
Natural flavored water, Yoghurts, some juices…

10. What is one thing you always take with you to horse shows/on the road?
My Laptop

11. What is the coolest place in the world horseback riding has taken you?
Dubai, Las Vegas, and Kentucky

12. Given the chance, what horse other than your own would you like to ride/compete on? To vault just one more time on my old Championship horse “Picasso RS vd Wintermühle”

13. What is your favorite horse show?
CHIO Aachen has an outstanding position for me, but many other make the same efforts and are as important as any of them

14. What is the best/worst part about riding and showing?
Best: to be challenged and able to show what you can do. Worst: to be in the pressure of dates almost every day

15. What have horses and showing taught you?
To be patient and how to find happiness!

16. What have been the biggest rewards of your career?
The medals, the feelings and the respect you get of the people for the work you do!

17. What are you most likely to be doing if/when you’re not riding?}
Almost not happening! And if, then I enjoy doing nothing but, reading, making music , sleeping and eating

18. How do you unwind after a long day in the saddle?
On the couch or in the cinema!

19. How do you juggle your riding career with your life as a mom/dad?
I am not a dad yet and probably never will be a mom!

20. What excites you most about the 2010 Games in Kentucky?
That it will be the biggest event I have ever participated in and for me in personal probablythe most emotional competition I will ever have competed at.

21. Have you ever ridden any other disciplines?
I have made the two years education as a german Bereiter, so I am educated and trained as a Dressage and Jumping rider and trainer as well. But I mostly always preferred Dressage.

22. What music are you currently listening to?
Jewel! Take That, Sugarland, cross over, …

23. What do you think when you think about possibly riding in next year’s WEG?
I am amazed and would be absolutely delighted. I really want to give my best and achieve all that is possible!

24. What are you doing to try to get there?
Training hard and focusing on things that help me to make it

25. What impact do you think having WEG in the US will have on horse sports in this country?
I hope that it will help horse sports tobe better recognized in the entire country, and especially for Vaulting, it is a big chance which we as the discipline community have to take.