Saturday, October 3, 2009

Violet Forbes is an employee of Classis Communications, a consulting firm working with the World Games 2010 Foundation. With decades of experience in managing media centers at international competitions, Violet has seen it all--and isn't afraid to share! See below for her thoughts from Thursday and Friday... and follow her through the rest of Kentucky Cup Driving this weekend!

Day 4: There are hundreds of people running around the Horse Park in bright green shirts. These are the volunteers that have come out to help with the test events in preparation for next year. They are standing in the rain and the wind, driving golf carts filled with spectators, directing traffic and in the case of my media center volunteers, stapling and copying their day away. They do all these things out of a love of the sport and in return get nothing more than a thank you and a free lunch. They deserve so much more because without them no event would ever take place. So to all the volunteers who make my job a bit easier, and when you actually take it all the way down, allow me to have a job – THANK YOU!!! And to everyone now and in the future – no matter how stressed, pressed for time and cranky we might be – remember that these people give their time to help – it is not their fault if something is not as we would like it. Smile and thank them, because without them – our sport would come to a grinding halt.

Now that I have said all this, I will tell you why this popped into my head. I broke one of my own commandments this morning when I drove into the Horse Park without ANY credentials whatsoever. I was stopped by the parking volunteers (and they should have stopped me), and at least they were very nice when I discovered that I could produce NOTHING that said I belonged. Totally my own fault – I must have had a huge brain cramp this morning when I got ready. I managed to talk my way into the park and into the Media Parking and then into the Media Center – but I have been telling people for over a decade – Do Not Lose Your Credentials - because you will not be allowed in. Thankfully other people are nicer than I am!

I spent the afternoon getting interviews from some of the Four-In-Hand drivers as they crossed the finish of Marathon. The last time I was hands on at a driving event was a long time ago at the Festival of Champions in Gladstone. My initial impression of drivers was reinforced today. What a great bunch of people!!! They were so kind and accommodating – everyone I asked went out of their way to give me what I needed. A big thanks to all of them who love their sport so much. They were kind and funny and willing to spend time with a video crew who is trying to promote the sport. They make my job a joy – worth the sore back and aching feet.

Violet Forbes
Press Operations

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